We are LOXIN

an industrial technology company located in Pamplona (Spain) part of ARITEX group and specialized in providing tailored and innovative solutions for industrial process automation.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' productivity and performance by designing and manufacturing high-tech automation solutions, with a strong focus on industries that demand advanced technological capabilities, such as the aerospace sector.

We are specialists in developing customized automation end effectors with multiple operations (functions).

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Turn-key Projects

At LOXIN, we take a comprehensive approach to project development, working closely with our customers from the initial analysis of their needs to the design, simulation, and manufacturing stages.

Our team ensures seamless integration and installation of operating lines, providing complete after-sales services to guarantee optimal performance and equipment longevity.

Turn-key Integration:

  • We pre-design process and concept solutions from customer requirements.
  • We design, build, and test in-house all necessary equipment.
  • We handle installation, commissioning, and provide production support at customer sites.

Turn key solutions & Added value

LOXIN Products

Our product portfolio is based in articulated robots and “TRICEPT” parallel kinematic robots.

Parallel Kinematic Technology (Tricept)

Parallel Kinematic Technology (Tricept)

"Tricept" is a modular robotic system based on hybrid parallel kinematics technology, offering 5 axes controlled by digital control. This innovative technology enables highly versatile process end effectors with exceptional stiffness, flexibility, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • We offer flexible solutions for high-accuracy and high-force requirements.
  • Our solutions handle high axial forces (over 3000 kg) with precise trajectory control.
  • We specialize in one-shot drilling up to Ø50 mm.
  • Our quick-change end effector technology enhances flexibility.
  • We integrate with Siemens SINUMERIK ONE and support Industry 4.0 compatibility.
  • Our accuracy reaches up to ±0.05 mm with repeatability of ±0.01 mm.
  • We combine different process capabilities such as orbital drilling, machining, spot facing, and riveting operations.
  • Process integrated system: The machines are customized to the process needs (Robot configuration, auxiliar axis, auxiliar part handling…).

Play TRICEPT machine models and functions

Articulated Robots

Articulated Robots:

  • We provide flexible solutions for various applications.
  • Our capabilities include one-shot drilling up to Ø25.4 mm.
  • Our quick-change end effector technology enhances flexibility.
  • We integrate Siemens SINUMERIK ONE and support Industry 4.0 compatibility.
  • Our accuracy reaches up to ±0.2 mm.
  • Process integrated system: The machines are customized to the process needs (Robot configuration, auxiliar axis, auxiliar part handling…).

Play Articulated robots, machine and functions – LOXIN

End effectors

End effectors

  • Drilling functions up to 25.4 mm (1”) of diameter in several stacks
  • Milling functions (aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber).
  • Fastening functions: Solid, Hi-lock, Blind Fasteners.
  • Multifunctional end effector (MFEE) with several operations, drilling, countersinking, measuring diameter, applying sealant, riveting, temporary fastening, collar installation.
  • Our quick-change end effector technology enhances flexibility.
  • Special effectors like high torque nut runner, friction stir welding, insert vents.

Play Automatic riveting machine - LOXIN

Play Multifunctional end effector to drill and install blind rivets

Play Hi-lite & nuts installation - LOXIN

Play Single end effector to install nut (asna5075 type) - LOXIN

Play End effector to drill with microvibration technology - LOXIN

Play Multifunctional end effector to drill, apply sealant in the rivet, insert hi-lites - LOXIN

Continuous innovation on automation solutions

Continuous innovation on automation solutions

At LOXIN, we are actively developing the next generation of robots, machines, and end effectors to meet the latest demands of advanced factories. Our solutions include:

  • Lightweight robots for various applications.
  • Collaborative robots for safe human-robot interaction.
  • Intelligent machines with flexible movements for autonomous operations.
  • Interchangeable end effectors for simplified operations.
  • Integration of new processes areas, such as additive manufacturing, friction stir welding, and new rivets generation installation.
  • Automated Guide Vehicles (AGVs) for efficient material handling.

Play Mobile platforms with AGV technology – LOXIN

Play Collar installation End Effector – LOXIN

Robot program generator - atxPIK Robot program generator - atxPIK


At LOXIN, we embrace digitalization as a key driver of innovation and efficiency. We utilize advanced technologies to enhance industrial processes and quality control. Some of our digitalization solutions include:

Measuring Technology
Artificial Vision System: atxVISION

Artificial Vision is a critical technology in industrial processes, especially in metrology. At LOXIN, we develop real-time quality control systems and final inspection solutions for aeronautical parts using 3D Vision Systems based on Industry 4.0 concepts. Our systems offer the following capabilities:

  • We locate targets for referencing, including holes, edges, and fasteners.
  • Our systems provide edge detection for precise measurements.
  • We incorporate normality correction and real-time repositioning.
  • Our countersink thickness measurement on the fly ensures accurate results.
  • We offer fastener measurement (flushness) capabilities.

Robot program generator - atxPIK

As part of our digitalization efforts, we have developed an automation suite, which consists of simulation and process implementation tools.

The suite includes our Process Implementation Kit (PIK), which integrates:

  • DELMIA simulation.
  • Post-process program.
  • Parameter operations.
  • Automatic surface movements.
  • Automatic trajectory.
  • Robot program generation.

Advanced robot control - atxHMI

  • This software serves as an integration platform, allowing logical and physical device interconnectivity, industrial data-driven process management, and digital information visualization.
  • The software provides three main services over standard protocols (HTTP and OPC UA): a REST service for real-time data manipulation, an RPC service for remote machine procedures, and an SSE service for real-time event-based streams.

Customers & Projects

Throughout our history, LOXIN has proudly served a diverse range of customers, successfully completing numerous projects across various industries. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted partner in the automation industry.

Our clients

For personalized information about our solutions or services, advice or other type of request, you can also contact us here: